Fascia is the outer sheathing that covers the area above the roof line. It protects your house from water, snow, and wind damage. Fascia boards are made of wood or plastic, which are then covered with a layer of protective material such as asphalt shingles, metal panels, or vinyl siding. Soffit vents allow fresh air to flow freely through hot attics in the summer months and protect from rainwater entering homes during heavy storms by channeling it away from windows and doors.
Soffit and fascia are essential for preventing water damage to the exterior of your house. They are also maintenance-free since they are made of durable material, and they barely need repairs. They last for long periods, but once in a while, they might need replacement.

Reasons for replacement of Fassia and Soffit

In some cases, fascia and soffit replacement is necessary when the existing boards have been damaged from severe weather conditions such as winds or heavy rains. Also, in case of extreme water damage that has penetrated your home, you may not be aware of causing further deterioration without proper inspection. Or it might need a facelift to make it look new again.
-Fascia boards that are too small in size or not wide enough to cover the top of your house. The problem with this is when it does; rainwater will run off onto your siding instead of being directed away from your home.
-If you have old wooden boards that are rotting or worn out, it is time to replace them with new wood fascia and soffit boards. This will keep your roof dry when the rains come in.
-You can also use vinyl siding instead of wood for a more modern look. The only thing you need to do is get rid of the fascia boards and soffit vents.
Infestation by small animals such as birds and squirrels is another reason for replacing fascia or soffit. It usually takes place when there is a hole in the soffit or worn out to the extent that it no longer provides enough protection.

Replacing your fascia and soffit is a good idea for protecting the exterior of your house. It helps you save money on expensive repairs resulting from water damage due to faulty fascia or soffit.
Replacement also helps in making things look new. It can also enhance the value of your house. Fascia and soffit are also replaced upon request. This is usually requested by homeowners who want to give their homes a makeover or upgrade their appearance.
Fascia and soffit replacement is usually done by carpenters or roofing contractors. It is essential to choose the right person for this job. You can ask friends, family members, or co-workers for suggestions of good professionals in your area who are known to do quality work. If you want to keep your house safe from the elements such as rain and snow, replacing fascia and soffit is a wise decision.

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