When it comes to maintaining your home, there are many things to think about. Keeping up both your interior and exterior can be a time-consuming process, but doing so can save you both valuable time and money if you repair and replace things as necessary.

Your siding: An important part of your home
Installing new siding can be a costly venture, but it can actually save you money on your energy bill if you do so. Failure to repair and replace the exterior of your home can leave you susceptible to pests, weather damage, and additional costs to heat and cool your home. Read on to see how siding replacement is a smart move, and why you should consider it as part of moving toward an energy-efficient home.

New siding can help to insulate your home
Holes and gaps in existing siding can expose your home to outside elements, and it will take longer to heat and cool your home if you are getting drafts from outside. Installation of energy-efficient siding will close up those gaps, help to insulate your home, and keep you warmer or cooler, depending on the season.

New siding will aid your HVAC system to perform more efficiently
When you don’t have drafts or air coming from outside, your HVAC system will not have to work as hard to regulate temperatures inside your home. You’ll reduce your heating and cooling costs, and you may even be able to extend the life of your HVAC system. You’ll see the difference on your energy bill shortly after installation.

New siding will act as a buffer between external elements and your home
Exterior siding and insulation can act as a buffer, softening the warmth of the sun’s rays or keeping cold blasts of air from entering your home. The interior temperature of your home is easier to regulate, and you’ll see significant energy savings as a result.

New siding can be customized to provide optimal energy-saving benefits
Wood siding works particularly well with underlying insulation to keep indoor temps regulated and comfortable. In hot, dry climates across the Southwest, vinyl is the preferred siding of choice to keep residents away from the blistering heat. Customizing your siding according to your geographical location will also do wonders for helping to regulate energy costs.

B&F Southern Solutions: Your Answer For Energy-Saving Comfort
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