Gutters are crucial for redirecting rainwater from the roof to a central collection point. Besides warranting costly repairs, old and poorly maintained roofing gutters can create many problems in your home. Properly functioning gutters offer many benefits to homes, such as preventing flooding and protecting the home’s foundation from water damage. This piece highlights the top things to watch out for when assessing the need for repair or gutter replacement.

1. Leakage and overflow

Gutters’ primary job is to channel rain or melting snow from the roof and away from the house; if your gutters are leaking or overflowing, then it’s time to replace them. Leakage arises when there are splits or cracks on your home’s gutters. Overflowing gutters can be detrimental to a home’s foundation, exterior, and interior spaces when they cause flooding.

It’s important to call in a qualified technician when you notice overflow or leakage. An early inspection will save you hefty repair costs in the future.

2. Sagging

Sagging is often a clear sign that your gutters are due for a replacement. Though it’s unusual for gutters to sag or bend, heavy snowing or rainfall can sometimes exert immense pressure on your gutters, which weakens the screws, bolts, and other attachments. This gradual loosening of bolts and screws eventually causes the gutters to hang, loosen and fall over if neglected.
Poorly aligned gutters often have challenges draining water correctly. Besides flooding, poorly draining gutters can ruin personal property and foundation damage.

3. Rust and paint peeling

Like other home structures, gutters too are susceptible to rust and the usual wear and tear. Coating your gutters using weather-tolerant paints can significantly extend their useful life. However, clogging from debris accumulation promotes water stagnation, which accelerates paint peeling and gutter rusting.

You should move quickly to replace your old gutter and redo the painting on affected areas whenever you notice such signs.

4. Mold buildup

Algae and mold thrive in still water conditions. Mold buildup is a common problem whenever water stagnates within the gutter system. Homeowners can work around this issue by unclogging their gutters regularly and replacing portions heavily damaged by mold.

Get professional help

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