As summer approaches, the temperature outside is going to continue to rise and your home needs to be protected from the heat. If you feel that your home is not staying cool enough, the best place to start is with your windows. If your windows aren’t doing their job, it could cause your energy bill to sky rocket from trying to keep your home cool.

Signs That Your Windows Aren’t Performing Properly

There are several signs that your windows may not be performing the way that they are supposed to.

  • Windows are jamming or sticking when opening and closing
  • Cold or heat draft when close to the window
  • Condensation when cold outside
  • Noises from outside are easy to hear
  • Rotting, cracking, mold or decay around the window
  • Higher energy bill

Window Replacements to Help Keep the Summer Heat Out

  • Vinyl Windows – Proven to be quite efficient in regulating the amount of heat in the home, vinyl windows have the ability to trap cool air inside. As the summer heat gets in and causes your air conditioning to work harder, your energy utility bill costs will rise. Vinyl windows will keep your air conditioner from overworking and draining your wallet.
  • Low Emissivity Windows – These windows utilize an innovative form of insulation that make them ideal for structures in hot areas. A roll of coated film is applied to the inside of the window to limit the entry of UV and hot sun rays. The film is colorless and odorless, adding to its viability for regulating the transfer of heat through your windows.
  • Warm Edge Spacing – This spacing method has demonstrated it’s insulating capabilities by maintaining the indoor temperature throughout the year. This innovative technique is used with double or triple window glazing to seal and insulate the air between each window.
  • Window Shutters – Available in different colors, styles and materials, shutters are proven to reduce heat entry by a great percentage with their insulation capabilities. During summer, it would be advisable to go for shutters that block heat from entering your property. They may also limit the loss of cool heat to the environment if properly set up.

Why Call a Window Replacement Specialist?

There are several do-it-yourself enthusiasts may consider using bubble wrap to protect their homes from the summer heat. This endeavor would call for applying a thin film of water to the window before laying on the bubble wrap. While DIY fixes are effective, it would be better to consider a professional service for window replacement and to help properly insulate your home.

Regulating the amount of heat entering your home is ideal for optimizing air conditioning costs and ensuring comfort and livelihood. If you’re windows aren’t ready for the summer heat and you’re considering window replacement, B & F Southern Solutions can help. We are a family owned and operated business that guides our customers through the home improvement journey. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

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