In areas where heavy rainfall is common and consistent, gutters are an important part of your home. They catch rain water and direct it away from your home, ultimately protecting your foundation from major damage.

Types of Gutters

The price of adding gutters will range depending on the material of the gutters. They come in many sizes and can be made from vinyl, steel, copper, or aluminum. The outdoor elements of the area your home is in can help you determine what type of material that is recommended. It’s also important to know that gutter can be different gauges, or thicknesses. All these details can impact the price that you pay for gutters. When installing gutters, you want to make sure that they have a sufficient slope and are attached to downspouts. It’s always a great idea to contact a qualified contractor like B & F Southern Solutions in Corsicana, Texas to help you with all your residential gutter needs.

Why are Gutters Important?

Without gutters, rainfall would settle around the home and wear down your foundation. This is dangerous as this can cause unlevel floors, cracking, and other major damages to your home. Gutters make it easier for water to go away from your home. While gutters are helpful for moving water away from the home, they are not a perfect system. By combining gutters with French drains, you’ll have a solid drainage system that works to protect your home’s foundation from settling water.

Keeping Your Gutters Maintained

The only way for your gutters to do their job effectively is if they are clean and free from debris. It’s not uncommon for things like leaves, twigs, or pinecones to get stuck in them. Keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance of your gutters it is extremely important to allow them to work properly. If you notice that water is building up and being held in your gutters, you’ll want to check them for any objects that may be blocking them.

Gutters can be used to direct water to French drains which will then direct the water away from your home. By pushing water away from the home, you’re protecting your foundation from being damaged by sitting water. If you need help with your gutters, B & F is here for you. We’ll asses your homes current drainage system and help you find ways to keep your foundation safe. Together, we can eliminate the problem before it even starts.