We’ve recently seen a lot of rain in Texas. Unfortunately, this significant amount of rain could mean trouble for your roof. If you’re seeing leaking from your roof during or after heavy rainfall, it’s time for you to call B and F Southern Solutions!

How Much Damage Could the Rain Do?

While the immediate effects, such as water coming into the home, are quite frustrating to deal with, the aftermath of the leak could be an even more dreadful experience. If you have a leak and do not get it resolved immediately, your roofing system could endure major damage.

When water or moisture enters the structure due to a roof issue, the frame of the roof may start to soften, grow mold, or cause the roof to become unstable. As homeowners, we expect our roofs to keep us safe and keep the outside elements, outside. If the structure becomes damaged due to the rain, this could cause a safety issue for all those inside the home.

What Could Be Causing the Leaking Roof?

When you’re in the middle of the rain, you first want to protect the interior of the home. However, the next step is to find where the leak may be originating from, so that you can apply a temporary fix such as a tarp. If the leak is only happening when it rains, you can easily rule out the most common causes of a roof leak such as plumbing or air conditioning units. If your able to safely go outside to look at your roof you want to look at your shingles for any that may be missing or peeling. Missing shingles could be allowing water to come into the home and could cause major damages if left unrepaired. You also want to check your gutters. If they are full of water or leaves, it indicated that the gutters are clogged, and the water has no where to go. Without a place for the water to runoff, it can begin to seep into the roof and cause a leak. If you have a chimney, you’ll want to check for any gaps in the flashing, around the vents and on the slope of the roof.

When you’re looking at your roof, be sure to write down any notes about what you see so that when B and F Southern Solutions comes to assess your roof, we can be sure to address any of your concerns. At B and F Southern Solutions, we strive to provide you with a service that enhances your home, while keeping it energy efficient for your family’s benefit. We primarily serve the Dallas/Fort Worth are but will travel to other cities, such as Corsicana, to provide homeowners with great and quality service. If you have a leaking roof after the heavy rainfall, be sure to give B and F Southern Solutions a call!