When it comes to building a home or having repairs done on your home, it can be overwhelming to try and understand all of the components and why they are needed. Two components that are often misunderstood are actually part of the roof. The soffit and fascia are vital components of the structure and can lead to problems with the roof that require a professional to fix.

What is the Soffit?

The Soffit is the archway, overhanging or lower part of your roof that meets the siding of your home. While the overhang pushes water away from the home, the soffit is under this part of the roof and keeps moisture from entering the home or attic. The soffit is a vital component of the home or structure, especially in regions where rain and snow are particularly common.

What is the Fascia?

The fascia runs along the side of the overhang to give the home or building a complete finished look. Commonly known as trim, the fascia runs between the roof and home. This supports the roof and shingles while keeping moisture out. This particular piece of the home give the roof a finished look as it transitions the roof into the siding of the home.

What do These Components do?

Both the soffit and fascia play a huge part in keeping moisture out of your home. The soffit works on the underneath of your roof, while the fascia works on the meeting point of the roof and siding. When rain falls and flows away from your home, it essentially rolls down these pieces and to the ground. If either of these pieces are damage or removed, the chances of water and moisture getting into the home is significantly higher.

How to Know When You Need a Soffit and Fascia Replacement

The most common problem with soffit and fascia is that it is not installed properly. While it may seem like an easy do-it-yourself project, improper installation can result in roof and shingle damage. Some signs that your soffit and fascia need to replace are rotting, paint peeling, insulation damage, mold or discoloring. These issues can indicate major problems and will tell you that it’s time to have them replaced with proper installation. At B and F Southern Solutions, we provide residential soffit and fascia replacement in Corsicana, Texas. We have the skills and knowledge that’s needed to properly install these crucial components of your home.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since the soffit and fascia are usually maintenance free, they are relatively cost efficient to replace. In modern homes, these pieces are usually made from the same material that your siding is made from. Materials like wood, vinyl, PVC and aluminum are typically cost efficient. Many homeowners tend to try to replace these pieces their selves. While we don’t recommend taking on the project yourself, it is possible to save the labor costs by doing so. If done improperly, your roof can be damaged and cause major issues withing the attic and walls of your home. We recommend getting a quote before tackling the project yourself.

If you think it’s time to replace the soffit and fascia of your home, B&F Southern Solutions can give you an estimate on the repair. A simple change in these pieces can refresh your home and get it looking better and protecting even better. Call B&F Southern Solutions today for an estimate.