When it’s hot outside during the summer months, homeowners tend to see higher energy bills because the home can’t keep the cold air in. Installing insulated siding can make a difference on your home’s temperature and energy efficiency.

Insulated Siding Benefits

While using the thermostat to make sure everyone in your home is comfortable can work, it’s not the most effective solution. Adding insulated siding can make a big impact on the comfortability of your home during the hot months. While siding can come in a wide variety of materials, insulated vinyl is one of the most effective and can add to your home’s curb appeal. This vinyl siding has a foam core backing that is made of expanded polystyrene and is comparable to adding an additional layer of protection to your home. While insulated siding is not as effective as interior insulation, the little bit of extra siding that it offers can make a big difference in the comfortability of your home. Other benefits of insulated vinyl siding include:

  • Assists in maintaining humidity levels – Because vinyl siding is exceptionally resistant to all types of weather, it can help with the humidity inside your home. Vinyl siding can protect your home from mildew, mold and other damage because of it’s exceptional resistance to all weather types.
  • It’s low-maintenance – Vinyl siding will perform very well over a lengthy period of time. It reduces the need for paint and other chemicals, and only needs to be washed down periodically.
  • Environmentally friendly material – Because of how durable vinyl siding is, it doesn’t need to be replaced very often. This reduces the amount of waste that siding usually creates and reduces the impact on the environment.

Upgrade Your Siding with B and F Southern Solutions

Our team at B and F Southern Solutions, makes the siding process as easy as possible for homeowners. We get the material and install your siding at a cost that is reasonable. Our process for residential siding starts with removing or replacing all of the rotten wood. Next, we bend the siding or coil around the home or poles to ensure that the siding does not leak. We make sure that your home is protected from the moment we start the job. We use high quality materials and product from Beacon for every project. You’ll get a variety of colors and shades to pick from for your home’s siding.

At B and F Southern Solutions, we offer a variety of services that enhance and transform your home. We’re ready and available to serve Corsicana, Texas and it’s surrounding areas. We are a family owned and operated company that takes pride in providing quality service to homeowners. If you have a problem, we have a solution. Call us today to get a free quote on upgrading your home’s siding.