Your roof structure is a complex part of your home and its ability to provide you protection and safety. The two most important components of your roof is the soffit and fascia.  While many homeowners don’t understand the soffit and fascia, they are important to your roof’s overall protection and aesthetic.

What are they?

The soffit is the underside of the roof where the side and roof meet and its purpose is to provide ventilation to the attic through small holes. It draws moisture away from the home and prevents from damage or rotting to your attic. Without properly working soffit, your home is vulnerable to major damage.

The Fascia is the pieces that run underneath the roofing structure from the soffit to the outer edge of the roof. The purpose of the fascia is to protect the wood of your structure from water damage by acting as a layer between the edge of the roof and the outdoor elements. In addition, the fascia also creates a more even and smoother finish to the roofs edge.

Both the soffit and fascia play a significant role in protecting the roof of your home from any water damage that may occur. If water or moisture gets inside the structure, the result can be rotted wood, mold, or weakness of the structure. These issues can lead to costly and time-consuming repairs that are inconvenient.

Common Issues with Soffit and Fascia

Because of the significant role of the soffit and fascia, they both likely to sustain damage over time. It is more common for issues with soffit to arise than it is for issues with the fascia.


  • Improper Installation – Incorrect installation or placement of soffit boards make them susceptible to damage from weather elements. If the boards are placed too closely together, this can also prevent proper ventilation of the roof.
  • Animals and Insects gaining access to the attic – The ventilation space in the soffit leaves space for wasps, birds, small rodents and other intruders to enter the home.
  • Damage from Moisture – Due to their placement, soffit boards are vulnerable to water or moisture damage.


  • Wood Decay – Facia is most commonly wood planks and can be subject to decay over time. Using a primer to cover any areas of penetration.

If you’ve noticed damage to your soffit or fascia, it’s vital that you get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid major issues down the road. At B and F Southern Solutions, we can repair or install fascia and soffit to properly protect your home. We provide a variety of quality service to Dallas, Fort Worth, and Corsicana, TX to fulfill homeowner’s needs. Call B and F Southern Solutions today to get an estimate for your soffit and fascia repair.